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FS-3200 Flat Screen Speaker System

A high-performance speaker for today’s flat screen televisions
The FS-3200 LR and FS-3200 C speakers form the heart of a home theater loudspeaker system to compliment today’s latest Flat Screen televisions. Their overall size, thin depth and
beautiful fi nish options assure that they will fit appropriately in virtually every installation.
However, these speakers have several performance and mounting innovations that make them far more capable than ordinary “on-wall” speakers.
Unlike conventional fl at-panel speakers, the FS-3200’s do not require a subwoofer to deliver full-bodied, exciting musical performance. All by themselves, these speakers add great sound to installations where space or décor precludes using a subwoofer. By utilizing two high-power 4½” drivers and two 4½” Pressure Drivers in a tuned enclosure, the bass response extends to within an octave of the very lowest musical notes while maximizing power handling and minimizing distortion.
The tweeter of the FS-3200 LR is oriented at one end of the speaker, instead of in the middle. This clever design feature means the LR speakers can be “fl ipped” upside down—tweeter up or down—for optimum acoustic alignment with the FS-3200 C tweeter, resulting in the best sound. Therefore, whether the center channel is mounted above or below the television, the 3200 LR and C will always be in the correct acoustic alignment with each other.
The FS-3200 LR and C speakers have two rear-panel controls—a 3-position HF Energy switch and a 2-position Boundary Compensation switch—to optimize the speakers’ performance regardless of their location or placement. These controls allow the FS-3200 LR and C to always sound their best, regardless of room acoustics or position.
With the FS-3200 series, Atlantic Technology has raised the standards for fl at-screen speakers in terms of acoustic performance, mounting fl exibility, listening room sound adjustment, and intelligent, consumer-friendly design.

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