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FS-4000 Flat Screen Speaker System

3 high-performance speakers in one for today’s fl at screen technologies
Home Theater could be the most enjoyable, signifi cant development in at-home entertainment to come along in a generation.
Being able to literally “go to the movies” in one’s own living room has completely transformed the experience of watching television.
Great sound is an integral, essential component to the theater experience at home.
The downside for most people comes from having to mount and wire speakers all over their room. It’s inconvenient, confusing, and unsightly.
Enter Atlantic’s innovative FS-4000 Front Stage Loudspeaker. This sleek, 40”-long unit contains all three front speakers—left, center, and right—in a single enclosure. It’s perfect for
the growing number of customers who just want a simple, attractive, one-piece speaker solution under their fl at-screen television, without all the visual clutter of separate left, center, and right speakers surrounding their stylish, thin TV. The cabinet is internally separated into three chambers, each with a 1” tweeter, a 4½” magnetically-shielded woofer and a 4½” Bass Pressure Driver. Bass response extends down to 75Hz, for fullbodied sound even without a subwoofer.
All three speakers in the FS-4000 have two rear-panel controls—a 3-position HF Energy switch and a 2-position Boundary Compensation switch—to optimize the speakers’ performance regardless of room acoustics or placement. These controls allow the FS-4000 to always sound its best.
The FS-4000 uses the same drivers and crossover technology as our highly-acclaimed 2200 and FS-3200 systems, so there is absolutely no compromise in sound quality or tonal accuracy by having the three front channels in a single enclosure. With the FS-4000, it’s now possible to enjoy the legendary Atlantic sound from speakers that blend right into the room.

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